Ad Serving

During planning and after you approve a media plan, configure ad serving for your plan on the Ad Serving tab.

To control whether ad serving information appears or hides in your campaign view, select View Settings > Show ad serving.)

The Ad Serving tab lists any ad tags currently set up for the campaign.

Click Manage to create, add, or remove ad tags for this campaign.

Creating Ad Tags

On the Manage Ad Tags screen, select the line items you want to set up. You can choose all the line items for a channel, vendor and property, or group and tactic. In this example, the team was ready to start working on ad serving for two of the direct vendors ( and Roscoe's Auto Parts), but not yet ready for the DSP ad tags or the third direct vendor, Bob's Discount Ad Space.

When you click Save, Basis automatically creates an ad tag for each ad size (or each combination of ad type and ad size) in the line item. Basis creates a default tag name using the naming conventions you've set up or the line item description from the media plan and the ad size. For most creatives, the tag type defaults to Ad Tag. For videos, the tag type defaults to VAST Ad Tag.

For DSP line items, you can create tags by size or by size and tactic. Choose an option from the Create DSP Tags By field: Size or Size and tactic.

Default tag names for DSP line items are built with your naming convention or the line item or tactic description and ad size. If a default tag name is not unique (for example, if two tactics have the same name and the same ad size), the default name also includes the tactic ID.

Editing Ad Tags

From the Ad Serving tab, you can edit ad tag names and types. Just click the field you want to edit, and make your changes.

Duplicating Ad Tags

If you need to make a copy of a single ad tag, choose Duplicate from the Options menu for that tag:

Deleting Ad Tags

To remove a single ad tag, choose Delete from the Options menu for that tag.

You can remove multiple ad tags by clicking Manage again and selecting different channels, vendors, groups, or tactics.