Ad Serving Tutorials

Ad servers manage your creative files and track the delivery and performance of your ads. These tutorials outline the key steps for using an ad server like Google Campaign Manager (GCM) with Basis.

1. Planning for Ad Serving


2. Basis to GCM Terminology


Basis and GCM use different names for some common elements. For example, a Basis ad tag becomes a placement in GCM.

See Basis to GCM Terminology.


3. Estimating Ad Serving Costs

4. Non-CPM Rate Types: Estimating Ad Serving Costs


If your line item uses the CPM rate type, Basis automatically calculates the ad serving costs once you enter an ad serving rate, as described in the last video. If your line item uses any rate type other than CPC—like CPCV or CPA—you estimate the impressions needed to achieve your rate type goal.

See Non-CPM Rate Types: Estimating Ad Serving Costs.


5. Naming Conventions


6. Assigning Ad Serving to Line Items

7. Exporting Placements to GCM