Applying Ad Serving to a Line Item

In Basis, the campaign performance data transmits with the ad servers. The campaign data integrates with major ad servers and Basis. You create the ad serving and apply it to the line items.

The ad server integration includes the following areas:

  • Campaign
  • Flighted line items
  • Packages
  • Conversion pixels
  • Ad mapping

The buyer exports the approved campaign plan to the ad server. You select the Export To ad server under the Actions button. The Export To page allows you to setup the campaign information to the ad server.

The buyer exports the approved media plan to the ad server while monitoring and communicating the campaign performance.

Actions: Export To Example

Google Campaign Manager Page Example

Sizmek Page Example

Approved campaign plans are available for ad serving. The campaign page displays the status by vendor:

  • Google Campaign Manager:  Line Item/package ad serving started.
  • Sizmek: Line Item/package ad serving started.
  • Needs Ad Server Export:  Line Item/package ad serving not started.

Needs Ad Server Export Status

The ad server accounts are stored in the User Settings in the Main Menu in Basis. By user, the Ad Server Accounts tab allows the storage, removal, and connection of the account information. When multiple ad servers are on a single campaign, you export them separately. For Sizmek, you choose the credentials from the available list. You export the line items assigned to Google Campaign Manager.

Note: Changes in an IO (revision) requires a re-export.