Customizing Ad Serving Views

You can customize columns and apply filters to your ad serving view to only see a specific set of data. After you customize your view, you can save it for future reference. See Saving Ad Serving Views for more information.

Customizing Columns

To customize Ad Serving tab columns:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign.

  3. Select the Ad Serving tab.

  4. On the upper-right corner of the Ad Serving tab, click Settings [] to open the Settings panel.

  5. Click Customize columns to open the Customize Columns modal.

  6. Customize columns page with checkboxes for Ad Server, Channel, End Date, Format, Line Item Name, Property Name, Size, Start Date, Type, and Vendor Name

  7. Select or clear columns to include or exclude them from the Ad Serving tab. Click Select all to include all columns on the Ad Server tab.

  8. On the Column Order panel, drag columns to set their order on the page. The top field on the Column Order panel is the far left field on the Ad Serving tab, and the bottom field on the panel is the far right field.

  9. Click Apply to save your changes.

Applying Filters

To apply filters to the Ad Serving tab:

  1. From the Ad Serving tab, select Filters > Add new.

  2. Add new filters option on the Ad Serving tab

  3. Select the type of filter you want to apply, then select the filter options.

  4. Click Apply. Repeat these steps to apply as many filters as necessary.