DSP Optimize View

When you're viewing campaign data in the Analytics tab, the DSP section gives you an optimize view with real-time data. You can refresh and optimize the data at any time.

Clicking Optimize from the DSP section launches a new view, DSP Optimize view.

Note: The default date duration in DSP Optimize varies from campaign Analytics defaults. The end date in DSP Optimize is today's date. (The campaign Analytics end date depends on data availability, and is usually yesterday.) When you manually select the campaign analytics duration date, the range remains the same in DSP Optimize view.

If your tactics include conversion data, you can extend the DSP Optimize end date past the campaign end dates. This allows you to see conversions counted after the campaign ended.

Click Refresh for real-time data. The data thru date and time stamp appear. The latest data includes group, tactic, domain, exchange, or placement level. The totals are DSP only.

The data is from the Net view and the values are media and data spend only. (The values in analytics include data through the previous day.) The Focus and Additional Metrics in DSP Optimize differ from the View Settings in analytics.

Note: In DSP live view, the values are based on spend and reported in terms of media and data spend. The net values include contracted amount, media spend, data spend, unspent, projected balance, and effective rate.

Analytics - DSP Optimize View

Reviewing the real-time data provides you the data to optimize the campaign as needed.