The Notifications (bell) icon is in the top navigation menu in the upper-right corner of every Basis page.

To view your notifications:

  • Click the Notifications icon to view a feed of the latest actions, updates, and messages applicable to you. New notifications are marked with a Triangle icon.

The Notifications includes the campaign client, brand, campaign ID, author, and time and date. You click the underlined events for more details based on your permissions. Events with click through information include account changes, campaign invites, proposal updates, IOs, revisions, delivery-related items, and collaborator additions.

Note: The originator of the event or action does not receive a notification. The account team members and collaborators receive the notification.

Notifications Feed Examples

Notifications Feed Options Example

  • Clicking on the underlined name or event launches the applicable page.

  • Click Mark all read to dismiss the new notifications. The Triangle icon disappears. The notifications are still visible.

  • Dismiss a notification by clicking the Delete (X) icon. The dismissed notification is no longer visible to you. The Platform removes notifications older than 30 days.

  • Click Clear read notifications to dismiss all the read notifications. Read notifications are no longer visible or retrieved from Basis. New notifications are still available.