Finding My Deals

After adding deals to My Deals, use the search box and apply filters to find the ones you want to use in your tactics.

Note: My Deals is also available on the Private Marketplace tab in the tactic editor when you're setting up PMP tactics.

To access My Deals, go to the Inventory Directory, click Private Marketplace, and select My Deals.

Searching for Existing Deals

Search for deals by deal name, ID, vendor, and exchange.

In this example, searching for "hous" returns deals with "Houston" and "Housewarming" in the deal name, as well as deals from publishers whose names include the word "House."

To search for your deals:

  • Enter the search term in the search box. The list of deals refreshes to show your results, with the keywords highlighted in each one.

Filtering Deals

Filter the list of deals by verticals, countries, exchanges, inventory types, devices, formats, minimum and maximum prices, ad sizes, player sizes, and archived or expired deals.

To filter deals:

  1. Click Filter. The filter toolbar appears.

  2. Click Add new, then select the type of filter you want to apply:

    • Vertical: View deals that specify the verticals they work with, such as Pets, Style & Fashion, and Sports.

      If a deal lists verticals, it can be used for impressions in these verticals, as well as uncategorized impressions.

    • Country: Find deals that apply only in the selected countries.

    • Exchange: Narrow down the list of deals by the exchanges you want to work with. If you select more than one exchange, you'll see deals that match any of your selected exchanges.

    • Inventory: View deals by available inventory types: Desktop Web, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Web.

    • Device: Find deals that use the device types you want to work with: Connected TV, Desktop, Phone, and Tablet.

    • Format: View only deals that work with Audio, Display, Native, and Video content.

    • Min - Max Price: Enter the minimum and maximum price to view deals that fall within that price range.

    • Ad Sizes: Select the dimensions of the ads you plan to use in your tactic to view deals that work with those ad sizes.

    • Player Size: For video ads only, select deals that specify video player sizes: Large, Medium, Small, and X-Large.

    • Status: Select Include Archived/Expired to view archived and expired deals along with available deals. By default, archived and expired deals are hidden from view.

  3. Click Apply to filter the list of deals. Apply as many filters as you need to find the specific deals that match your criteria.

  4. Click Reset filters to remove all filters.

Viewing Deal Details

Click a deal's name to view its details. See Deal Details and Deal Analytics for descriptions of the information available for each deal.

Archiving a Deal

When you're done using a deal, archive it to hide it in the default list of deals. Archiving a deal doesn't affect any campaigns that use that deal.

To change the status of a deal:

  1. Select a deal to view its details.

  2. Click Edit in the lower-left corner.

  3. Click Archive in the lower-right corner. The deal's details close and the deal no longer appears in the list of deals.