Tactic Add-Ons Delivery and Spend Report

Add-On Delivery and Spend reports help you track 3rd-party fees in Basis. You can view a breakdown of the delivery and spend for all service providers and add-ons within specific campaigns.

Report Options

Review the following sections to learn more about available report options for this report type.


  • Campaign > Provider


  • Lifetime

Data Through

  • 400 days maximum

  • Data available as of January 1, 2017

Conversion Pixels

  • Conversion pixels cannot be included in this report.

Report Data

Review the following table to see a breakdown of the dimensions and metrics available in this report.

Name Example Description
Date 9/1/2020

The date of delivery.

DSP Reports are in Eastern time.

Campaign Name Fall Awareness 2020 The name of the campaign.
Campaign ID 310833 The campaign ID.
Line Item Name Women A18-25 The name of the line item that the add-on applies to.
Tactic ID 654123 The tactic ID.
Tactic Name DSP Targeting The name of the DSP tactic.
Start Date 9/5/2020

The campaign's start date.

DSP Reports are in Eastern time.

End Date 9/30/2020

The campaign's end date.

DSP Reports are in Eastern time.

Service Provider Basis Services The name of the service provider.
Add-ons Audience Insight The additional service.
Rate Type CPM The cost structure of this service.
Rate $0.50 The price of this service.
Imps. Won 5,000 The number of impressions won.
Add-on Spend $3.75 The total spend for the add-on.