Tactic Add-Ons Delivery and Spend Report

Add-On Delivery and Spend reports help you track 3rd-party fees in Basis. You can view a breakdown of the delivery and spend for all service providers and add-ons within specific campaigns.

Report Options

Review the following sections to learn more about available report options for this report type.


  • Campaign > Provider


  • Lifetime

Data Through

  • 400 days maximum

  • Data available as of January 1, 2017

Conversion Pixels

  • Conversion pixels cannot be included in this report.

Report Data

Review the following table to see a breakdown of the dimensions and metrics available in this report.

Name Example Description
Date 9/1/2020 The date of delivery.
Campaign Name Fall Awareness 2020 The name of the campaign.
Campaign ID 310833 The campaign ID.
Line Item Name Women A18-25 The name of the line item that the add-on applies to.
Tactic ID 654123 The tactic ID.
Tactic Name DSP Targeting The name of the DSP tactic.
Start Date 9/5/2020 The campaign's start date.
End Date 9/30/2020 The campaign's end date.
Service Provider Basis Services The name of the service provider.
Add-ons Audience Insight The additional service.
Rate Type CPM The cost structure of this service.
Rate $0.50 The price of this service.
Imps. Won 5,000 The number of impressions won.
Add-on Spend $3.75 The total spend for the add-on.