Bulk Edit Add Locations

Note: As of January 27, 2021, Basis is using a new version of location targeting. Active tactics that use the legacy version will continue to target selected locations. The new targeting taxonomy impacts countries, regions, and cities, but not DMA codes, ZIP/postal codes, or hyperlocal targets. If you want to edit the locations of an existing tactic, you must replace all country, region, and city targets for that tactic using the tactic editor or by replacing locations in bulk. You cannot bulk add locations to tactics that use legacy locations. See New Location Targeting for more information.

When you bulk edit tactics, you can add more locations to their existing location targeting rules. To overwrite the tactics' current location targets, use the Bulk Edit Replace Location option.

To bulk edit add locations:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

  2. Select a campaign, then select a media plan.

  3. Click Actions > Tactics.

  4. Click Add [+] to select the tactics you want to edit.

  5. On the Bulk Edit Tactics toolbar, click Edit > Location > Add to existing.

  6. Use the tabs to view different types of locations: Country/Region/City, DMA, ZIP/Postal, Geopolitical, and Location Set. For more information, see Location Targeting and Using Audience, Location, and Segment Sets.

  7. Click Add [+] next to a location to add it to your targeting rules.

    Note: If any of the new locations overlap with a tactic's existing location targets, the new rule overrides the old one. For example, if an existing rule includes Boston and a new rule excludes Massachusetts, all of Massachusetts is excluded and the rule to exclude Boston is removed.

  8. Review your targeting rules, then click Save to add these locations targets to the selected tactics.

  9. After the rules successfully save, click Close [X] to return to the media plan.