Related Audiences

Related audience modeling analyzes 3rd-party audiences to identify ones that are similar to your audiences. You can select from a list of similar audiences to extend the reach of your tactic.

Related audiences become available within 24 hours after you create a new audience. The audience must have a minimum size of 2500 in order to properly determine related audiences.

  1. In the tactic editor, open the Audience tab.

  2. Click View in the Related column to open a list of audiences that are similar to that audience.

    Note: This option may not be available if you just created the audience, or if the audience size is smaller than 2500.

    For each related audience, you can see its index, reach, and CPM.

    • The score is a rating of how similar the 3rd-party audience is to the existing audience.
      • A score greater than 100 indicates that the 3rd-party audience is more likely to contain users that are similar to your audience.
      • A score lower than 100 indicates that a 3rd-party audience is less likely to contain users that are similar to your audience.
    • Reach is the size of the audience.
    • CPM is the additional cost to target this audience.
  3. Click the Add button (+) next to an audience to select it.

  4. Click Add to include the selected audiences in your tactic's audience targeting rules.