Hidden and Unavailable Locations

Location data is constantly being updated, and existing location targets may become outdated. For example, US congressional districts change over time, and districts that exist today may be redrawn in the future. When this happens, the outdated location becomes either hidden or unavailable in the DSP:

  • Hidden locations have been updated, but are still viable location targets. You can't select hidden locations when you're setting up location targeting rules, but saved tactics that already target hidden locations will continue to do so. Bidding continues as usual unless the hidden location becomes unavailable.

  • Unavailable locations have been removed and can't be targeted. No bidding occurs on unavailable locations.

We recommend removing or replacing hidden and unavailable locations to make sure tactic performance isn't impacted. You can't add hidden or unavailable segments back to a tactic after removing them.

When you edit a tactic that contains a hidden or unavailable segment, you'll see a warning message, and the corresponding locations are marked with a warning symbol. You cannot save changes to a tactic as long as it targets a hidden or unavailable location.

If you have any additional questions about hidden and unavailable locations or need suggestions on which locations to replace them with, contact Basis Support.