Audiences by Oracle


Oracle Audiences are built by combining proprietary and third-party data across a variety of industries and signals, including but not limited to, vehicle ownership, demographics, in-market behaviors, retail, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) purchases, creating audiences with both fidelity and scale. Their privacy-centric approach has security at its core, so you can confidently develop a cohesive audience strategy that's portable across platforms, letting you find your intended audience with the highest propensity to purchase wherever they engage online.

  • 125 million US households

  • Billions of SKU-level transactions

  • Trillions in consumer spending

  • 5K+ leading brands

  • Legacy of connecting offline and online data

Market Differentiators

Oracle’s Proprietary Data Spine: Comprehensive & interconnected purchase, demographic, and behavioral signals.

Best in Class Machine Learning: Modeling that leverages our 360-degree view of consumers and households.

Most Accurate Identity: The ability to reach real people with 4.5X greater accuracy than the industry average.

History of Privacy Protection: 40 year legacy of protecting consumer data.


Supported Platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Web

  • Mobile App

Geographical Availability

  • United States

Vertical Specialization

  • B2B

  • Auto

  • CPG

  • Demographics

  • Education

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare

  • Hobbies and Interests

  • Life Stages

  • Lifestyles

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Retail

  • Restaurant

  • Seasonal and Holiday

  • Telecom and Mobile Tech

  • Travel and Tourism

Data Taxonomy

As a Basis customer, you have access to Audience By Oracle's syndicated taxonomy within the platform, as well as the ability to add or create custom segments specific to your requirements.

Syndicated Taxonomy

Oracle offers a variety of syndicated categories, including all of the above verticals. Their library is curated from the best signals within our own data sets and those sourced from third-party providers. Audiences by Oracle provides precision and scale that’s coupled with broad diversity in data signals.

Custom Taxonomy

Segment Creation

Contact the Oracle Platform Account Management team for custom segment creation with specific details regarding the ask or target. They'll find the best custom segment solution for you.

Segment Addition

The process of segment addition is automated. As soon as the segment is created by Oracle, it'll automatically add within Basis in several minutes.


$0.60-$2.50 CPM depending on the type of syndicated or custom audience.


Audiences by Oracle is curated with the highest quality data assets without sacrificing scale. These audiences are built by combining the best offline purchase-based, online intent, and online in-market datasets. Audiences by Oracle is a vertically optimized taxonomy that's aligned to the purchase path for verticals, seasons, and lifestyles. See Oracle Advertising Privacy Policy for more information.