Dstillery is the leading custom audience solutions company. They empower brands and agencies to target their best prospects for high-performing programmatic advertising campaigns. Backed by their award-winning Data Science, Dstillery has earned 18 patents (and counting) for the AI technology that powers Basis' precise, scalable audiences. Their ID-based premier product, Custom AI Audiences, is a just-for-your-brand targeting solution that continuously scores hundreds of millions of users to deliver the best unique audiences.

Market Differentiators

Custom AI Audiences are built by analyzing your first-party data to create a profile specific to your brand. Helping your brand achieve unmatched growth and new customer acquisition.

Dstillery’s Custom AI Audiences are:

  • Created by unique, just-for-your-brand custom AI models

  • Refreshed every 24 hours

  • Available at scale across all platforms and inventory


Supported Platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Web

  • Mobile App

Geographical Availability

  • United States

  • Canada

Vertical Specialization

  • Auto

  • B2B

  • CPG

  • Culture and Lifestyle

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare

  • Holidays

  • Lifestyle

  • QSR

  • Retail

  • Telecommunications

  • Travel

Data Taxonomy

As a Basis customer, you have access to Audiences by Dstillery's syndicated taxonomy within the platform, as well as the ability to add or create custom segments specific to your requirements.

Syndicated Taxonomy

Top five categories

  • Auto

  • CPG

  • Entertainment

  • Financial Services

  • Retail

Custom Taxonomy

Segment Creation

Email the Dstillery team for custom segment creation with specific details regarding the ask or target. The email's Subject should read Basis Custom Audience Request. Emails are processed within 24 hours.

Custom audience builds can take upwards of 7-10 calendar days.

Segment Addition

Dstillery distributes segments through LiveRamp integration pipes. After Dstillery distributes the segments through LiveRamp, the Basis team adds the segments within 24 hours of receipt of an automated email from LiveRamp.


$0.90-$1.40 CPM depending on the type of syndicated or custom audience.


Dstillery receives billions of digital and physical signals from the bidstream, partnered SDKs, and licensed data from partners. Combinations of these signals are used as seeds to identify a desired behavior or action. A model is then created to identify devices with similar actions as the seed group, and a pre-built audience gets created.