Eyeota is an audience technology company that enables the intelligent use of data. They work with marketers, data owners, and research companies to provide distinct, comprehensive, and qualified audience data. Their technology platform transforms data so that organizations can make smarter business decisions, understand customers, and enrich marketing strategies. Eyeota brings a depth of experience in adapting data strategies to be consumer-friendly, addressable, and scalable in omnichannel environments. Empowering enterprises with future-proof data capabilities, Eyeota’s suite of solutions are privacy-by-design, flexible, and interoperable across all major platforms, channels, and identifiers.

Market Differentiator

  • Custom data solutions enable marketers to target their consumer at any stage of the customer journey.

  • Compliant with local privacy regulations.

  • Superior agility and speed made possible with customer support that's always available for brief responses.


Supported Platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Web

  • Mobile App

Geographical Availability

  • United States

  • Canada

Vertical Specialization

  • B2B

  • Auto

  • Intent

  • Lifestyle

Data Taxonomy

As a Basis customer, you have access to Eyeota's syndicated taxonomy within the platform.

Syndicated Taxonomy

  • Auto: Various segments based on intent and ownership or specific car types and make/models.

  • B2B: Decision makers in various industries, such as finance, healthcare, and government.

  • Lifestyle: Charitable donor intent segments for Democratic and Republican parties.

  • Entertainment: Includes several TV viewership segments, including TV network (Bravo, Fox, Hallmark, HBO, and more).

  • Holiday/Event: Includes several unique holidays, such as Cinco De Mayo, Mardi Gras, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Diwali.

  • Travel: Intent and past purchase segments, such as destinations, category, date, and transport.


The CPM ranges between $0.80 to $1.75.


Eyeota's online collection process and methodology is compliant with IAB TCF 2.0. Data is refreshed every 30-90 days depending on the segment trait, example demographics, such as age and gender cookies⁠, expire every 90 days, and traits⁠, such as retail intent⁠, expire or refresh every 30 days to ensure relevancy and precision.

Provider Collateral

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