Reach new customers that look like your best customers! For over 13 years, InMarket has committed to being a market leader in 360° consumer intelligence and real-time activation. Their mission is to enable today’s top brands to learn, build, and measure omnichannel strategies that optimize investments and drive continued growth.

The InMarket Data Difference:

  • Visit data: where people go

  • Transaction data: what people buy

  • Intent data: what people plan to do

Market Differentiators

Access 1,000+ turnkey, multidimensional audience segments applicable for any campaign strategy. InMarket leverages a 100% SDK-based data universe composed of nearly 200M monthly active users (MAUs), accounting for 77% of the U.S. adult population, or 68% of the smartphone market.

  • Unrivaled performance–up to 3.7x higher than industry benchmarks.

  • 100% first-party InMarket SDK with precise location, purchase, and intent data collected via vast direct mobile integrations and InMarket’s owned and operated app portfolio.

  • All data is normalized to account for regular device updates and enhanced predictability.

  • CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant while maintaining deep location attributes like visit frequency and dwell time.

  • Verified for scale, always delivering the highest level of accuracy and precision.


Supported Platforms

  • Mobile App

Geographical Availability

  • United States

Vertical Specialization

  • CPG

  • Retail

  • Dining

  • Alcohol/Beverages

  • Health & Pharma

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Auto

  • Financial Services

  • Tech & Telecom

  • Style & Fashion

  • Entertainment

Data Taxonomy

As a Basis customer, you have access to InMarket's syndicated taxonomy within the platform.

Syndicated Taxonomy

InMarket audiences are powered by a rapidly growing data universe of SDK-based visit, transaction, and intent data. With capabilities to combine InMarket’s unique data sources with up to 1,000 trusted third-party consumer attributes, their audience segments provide increased accuracy, scale, and efficiency to greatly enhance your targeting strategies.


The CPM ranges between $1.50 to $1.75.


Location and Purchase: Using first- and third-party location and purchase data, InMarket provides unique 360° consumer intelligence with advanced scale to increase the probability of match rates between multiple segments to pinpoint a consumer at the intersection of visit and purchase.

Visitation: The visitation segments are sourced from combined proprietary and publisher SDKs that receive data nearly in real-time. InMarket then contextualizes latitude-longitude data with custom polygons created across top retailers and regions in the US.

Demographic: InMarket uses privacy-compliant methods and partnerships to collect current and historical public county records that they convert to specific identifiers for owner occupation, home value, age, ethnicity, language spoken, education, property and location information, and more.

Past-Purchase: The first-party transaction data is directly sourced from InMarket’s owned and operated mobile app CheckPoints. CheckPoints incentivizes consumers to earn rewards by scanning product SKUs, shopping receipts, and completing surveys, providing InMarket with insight into verified past-purchase behavior.

Purchase Intent: InMarket’s owned and operated List Ease app allows users to create digital shopping lists, share them with other shoppers, scan receipts, and track purchases to indicate frequent purchase behaviors and future purchase intent.

Online Shopping: These online and offline contextual segments combine precise location data with online shopper search data to capture the digital-to-real world consumer journey.

Predictive, Proprietary Geotypes: InMarket leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to combine location, purchase, and survey data with up to 1,000 trusted third-party online and offline consumer attributes to identify true consumer motivations and predict future actions.

Seasonal: InMarket’s seasonal segments focus on visitation behavior across verticals based on seasonality and relevant holiday traditions. Their ability to store and utilize historical visitation data allows them to create precise targeting segments for every major holiday and season.

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