LBDigital's data is privacy-compliant, sourced from online and offline partners, and cross-validated for verification. Selections range from B2B, CPG, demographics, health & wellness, purchase, financial, in-market, political, lifestyle, donor, occupation, home and family, home office, young adults, new movers, to ethnicity & trends. Truthset has evaluated their data and found LBDigital demographic data to be the most accurate and scalable of leading data providers.

Market Differentiator

  • Audiences have a minimum of 5+ declared touchpoints per record for performance & quality assurance.

  • All data is actionable across channels for digital, mobile, social, video, and CTV.


Supported Platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Web

  • Mobile App

Geographical Availability

  • United States

Vertical Specialization

  • Consumer Demographics

  • Interests/Lifestyle

  • Lifestages

  • Intent

  • Location

  • Health and Wellness

  • B2B

  • Occupation

Data Taxonomy

As a Basis customer, you have access to LBDigital's syndicated taxonomy within the platform, and you have the ability to add and create custom segments specific to your requirements.

Syndicated Taxonomy

The LBDigital taxonomy covers a broad range of consumer segments and demographics, such as children in households, sports, health, and hobbies.

Custom Taxonomy

Segment Creation

To create a custom segment, reach out to LBDigital directly.

Segment Addition

LBDigial uses LiveRamp to get data into Basis. After they add the segment to distribution from within LiveRamp, Basis receives an automated email for the request along with the necessary details. This could take up to three business days. Then, Basis adds the segment within 24 hours of the receipt of the automated email.


Pricing for syndicated and custom segments is $1.00 CPM on impressions served.


Data is sourced from a network of data partners providing privacy compliant online engagements, brand signals, browser activity, in-market shopping behaviors, location data, purchase transactions, registrations, form fills, surveys, SDKs, and mobile apps. The data updates several times a week with fresh signals.

Provider Collateral



Demographic Data Quality

Health & Wellness

Trigger Data