ShareThis unlocks the power of digital behavioral and contextual data by mapping signals of human interest and intent, sentiment, and context at scale from content engagements across the open web. With off-the-shelf and custom segments for both behavioral and contextual audiences, ShareThis targeting solutions power all of your digital targeting needs.

Market Differentiator

Leveraging their proprietary data footprint across 3M publishers globally, reinforced by strategic integrations with their ecosystem partners, ShareThis powers both behavioral and contextual audience solutions as part of a cohesive package that provides a robust and versatile toolkit to engage audiences and achieve scalable performance.

With a combination of large language model expertise and a deep knowledge of user behavior, ShareThis is uniquely positioned to truly understand the page content, trends, and interconnections between topics.


Supported Platforms

  • Web

  • Mobile Web

  • Mobile App

Geographical Availability

  • Global

Vertical Specialization

  • Political

  • Health

  • B2B

  • CPG

  • Travel

  • Finance

  • Auto

  • Retail

Data Taxonomy

As a Basis customer, you have access to ShareThis's syndicated taxonomy within the platform as well as the ability to add create custom segments specific to your requirements.

Syndicated Taxonomy

Political, Health, B2B, Travel, Finance, CPG, Auto, Retail, Intent, Seasonal, Life Events, Data for Good, Changing Consumer, Demographic.

Custom Taxonomy

To create a custom segment, send the desired audience definitions or keyword list to along with the following campaign details:

  • Advertiser

  • Campaign KPIs and benchmarks

  • Flight dates

  • Geotargeting

  • Basis Advertiser ID

ShareThis will deliver custom audience recommendations using this information. After advertiser approval, ShareThis will distribute the desired segments to the requested advertiser ID. Adding the segment to Basis is automated—as soon as ShareThis creates the segment, it becomes available in Basis within a few minutes.


  • Syndicated - $0.95 CPM

  • Custom - $1.25 CPM


ShareThis collects, categorizes, and processes online behavioral and contextual data across millions of websites through privacy-compliant processes, offering requisite consumer choice and notice according to all current regional laws. Without relying on third-party cookies, the data is transformed through the power of advanced AI and large language models into actionable insights and targeting opportunities. Data is refreshed every 24 hours on their end.

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