Campaign Reports - Scheduled Reports

Basis Platform supports scheduling campaign reports. Once the scheduled report is set up, Basis builds the report on the chosen days, and sends an email to let recipients know when the report is ready. This email contains a link that downloads the report.

You also have the option to modify and pause future versions of an existing scheduled report. Click Edit icon from the existing report. The fields are auto-populated from the existing report. Modify the fields and save the report. To disable a scheduled report, click the Pause icon. The scheduled report is stopped and has a Paused status. Click the Resume icon to continue the scheduled report. The scheduled report has an Active status.

Create a Scheduled Report


1 Enable Create Schedule.

Select the Data Through*.

  • Past day: from 12 AM to 10:59 PM, Central Time
  • Past week: from Monday at 12 AM to Sunday at 10:59 PM, Central Time
  • Past month: from 12 AM on the first day of the last month to 10:59 PM the last day of that month, Central Time
  • Past 7 days: the previous 7 days, not including today
  • Past 14 days: the previous 14 days, not including today
  • Past 30 days: the previous 30 days, not including today
  • Past 365 days: the previous 365 days, not including today

Select the frequency under Repeats from the drop menu.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Note: Basis Platform creates a reoccurrence of the report by the elapsed period based on the Repeats. The Repeats limit the number of scheduled reports (all) by your agency:

Default Schedule Limit:

  • Daily - 12
  • Weekly - 52
  • Monthly - 92

Enter the Start* and End Date*.

Note: The default is the current month. The start time is 7:00 AM CST.


Select recipients to be emailed when the reports are ready:

  • Select agency users from the Email to account team drop menu.
  • Add other email addresses to the Email to contacts outside of agency field. Separate email addresses with commas.

Note: For Client, Brand, and Campaign reporting, refer to the scope selection options.

6 Select Create.

In creating client and brand reporting, the scope selection is available from approved and live campaigns.

The scheduled report displays the file name along with the author and date stamp. The starts, ends, repeats, and remaining reports information is visible. The number of remaining reports is calculated based on the Repeats and Start and End Date.

Active Schedule Report Information Example

Note: Basis Platform supports 30 active, scheduled reports for your agency. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more details on the default scheduled report limits for your agency.

Campaign Reports - Create Schedule

Note: When a campaign exceeds the maximum number of groups/tactics the DSP report selections are greyed out. The maximum number of groups is 50. The maximum number of tactics is 1000.