Advantage - Automated Reports

If you use Advantage ERP, you can use Basis to generate CSV files and send them to agencies via FTP. Basis sends all campaigns daily at 12:00 PM CT.

To send campaign billing reports automatically, your organization sets up the Advantage FTP configuration on the My Organization Billing tab.

  • FTP Host/Site - Location the CSV is sent.

  • FTP Directory* - Path of the location

    If your Advantage software is self hosted, enter the FTP Directory. If Advantage is hosting your system, type a forward slash (/) in this field.

  • User Name* - Authorized user/log in

  • Password* - Authorized user's password

  • Passive (enable/disable) - Passive FTP connection to the server

  • TLS (enable/disable) - FTP with TLS connection to the server

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:2b:8hxsgzb94h550dm_1_lr5srw9d23q5:T:SetUp_AgencySet_Cmpgn.png

Advantage receives the CSV files in the specified directory.