A vertical is a market or category type for a brand. The categories range from arts and entertainment to shopping by industry. The verticals target industries for the campaign's ad. Sub verticals are also available to a lower level category providing a specific industry. A brand supports multiple verticals with various sub verticals. You select the applicable verticals under the Brand. The default sub verticals appear. You remove the sub verticals, if needed.

The verticals in Basis are based on the Google vendor categories. When adding verticals to the first creative that you upload for a brand, they become the default verticals for any new creatives that you upload for that brand.

Brand Vertical

The Create a Brand modal where you can choose a tyoe of vertical for your brand

Exchanges or SSPs require DSPs to accurately report verticals (and brand domains) in bids. Most exchanges trust that DSPs are doing this accurately, and use this information to enforce publishers’ blocking requirements. As such, we need to know the verticals for each ad.

We use a combination of human auditors and automation to enforce ad quality rules. Automation drastically speeds up the auditing process, which ensures that we can allow ads to go live as quickly as possible. However, detection of the vertical for an ad is challenging, and the best technology for detection is still imperfect. To overcome this, we require this information from the user. See our FAQ section on Brand Domains and Verticals for more information.