Market Trends

Note: Market Trends is currently in the beta phase and will see continued development and change in the coming months. The information in this document reflects the status of this feature as of September 29, 2021.

Market Trends displays advertising trends based on Basis' data and research help you create data-driven media plans. By automatically aggregating data from thousands of line items, Basis streamlines the process of collecting, researching, and organizing information to help you justify media strategies and create better plans with achievable objectives. Use Market Trends to set benchmarks, compare performance, exceed your goals, and standardize sources of data and information.

Note: Market Trends data is an aggregated and anonymized historical data set collected across Basis. Past performance does not guarantee future results, which may vary.

Calculations that involve spend use Net Media Spend to provide fair comparisons for benchmarks. Net Media Spend excludes margins or ad serving.

For additional information about Market Trends data, review the FAQ below.

Using Market Trends

Open the main menu and select Market Trends to access this dashboard. Select the spending and performance visualization that you want to see from the menu on the left. Use filters to only view specific sets of data:

  • Use the Date range menu to filter the data by date using a preset range. The default setting is Last 3 months. The Data Through date in the top-left corner indicates the last time Market Trends data was updated.

  • Click Filter to view data for a specific vertical, such as Autos & Vehicles, News, or Science. You can only view data for one vertical at a time.

    Note: Verticals are defined by the user-provided labels at the campaign or line item level.

These are the graphs currently available in Market Trends:

Performance by KPI

The Performance by KPI graph breaks down median line item KPI performance for a given channel (Direct, DSP, Search, Social), and the number of line items that use each KPI as a percentage of the total.

The Percent number is the percent of line items that use that KPI. There are two Performance numbers: the first one shows the median KPI performance for line items with that KPI, and the second one (under All line items) shows the median performance out of all line items.

Line items that do not have a specified KPI fall under the Other category.

Note: eCPA performance values are not currently available.

Performance by Property

The Performance by Property table lists the top 25 spending properties and their performance in certain channels (Direct, Search, and Social). Performance data values are median aggregations for CPM, CPC, CTR, VCR, CPCV, Impressions, and Clicks.

Performance Over Time

The Performance Over Time graph shows the trends of specific KPI values over the course of the year by month for each channel. Values are median aggregations across all line items regardless of goal type.

Spending by Distribution

The Spending by Distribution graph shows the percentage of net spend across different channels (Search, Social, DSP, and Direct).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the data in Market Trends come from?

Market Trends data is an aggregated anonymized historical data set collected across all of Basis.

How is the data anonymized?

We aggregate and average the data in Market Trends from at least 3 unique brands and at least 5 line items to ensure that there is no association between the data and an individual organization.

What if the minimum is not met?

If we cannot anonymize the data because the available data does not meet the minimum requirements, we do not display a graph. This can occur if you select a short time frame or a niche vertical. If this happens, we recommend trying different filters.

Is the use of data compliant?

Yes, the data in Market Trends is aggregated and anonymized to prevent the identification of any Basis customer or client of a Basis customer.

The use of aggregated and anonymized data to help improve products, understand customer use, and observe trends is customary and industry-standard for B2B SaaS platforms. Additionally, Basis agreements expressly permit this type of data use.

Can I opt out?

The usage of the data is fair use and is anonymized to ensure that no single organization's data is exposed. Please reach out to your CSM with any concerns.

How often does the data update?

The data updates approximately once per month. The Data Through date in the upper-left corner of the dashboard indicates the last time the data was updated.

Why do the graphs show median values instead of mean?

The graphs show median values to reduce the effect of outliers.

Can I export these graphs?

Market Trends does not currently support exporting any graphs or data. If you want to repurpose any information from market trends, take a screenshot of the relevant data.