Understanding User Permissions

User permissions allow buyers to do specific actions and tasks in Basis. An organization manages individual user permissions. Your actions are available based on the assigned permissions.

Without permissions, you have base access to Basis. You can view (read-only) the My Organization and User Settings along with the communications, directory, initiative, campaign, and media plan information in Basis. Additional actions such as sending messages, adding account team members, creating comments on line items, receiving private emails, and editing notes are also available.

Different permissions give you access to different features. An enabled permission gives you access to specified actions and configurations for Basis. At least one member of your organization has permission to control User Management. This team member enables and disables the permission types for other team members.

The permissions are configured under the Users tab by name under the My Organization. Your own Permissions are also visible under My Settings.



Base access (all permissions disabled) lets you see available campaign information and provides restrictions within the organization. This information is available to everyone with base permissions:

Location Base Access
Platform Search (Top navigation icon)

View and create campaign reports across client/brand

Inventory Directory (Top navigation icon) View inventory directory options
Help (Top navigation icon) View user Help, Submit an Issue, About, and DSP Advertiser ID.
Notifications (Top navigation icon) View campaign communication and announcements

Dashboard (Main Menu icon)

View campaign line item dates, pacing, performance, comments, proposals, and IOs

Line Items (Main Menu icon) View organization line items for your account team
Performance (Main Menu icon)

View campaign performance by line item

Insights (Main Menu icon)

View and create reports

User Settings (Main Menu icon)



View and edit Contact Information

View and select Basis Home Page

View Employee Details and assigned Permissions (read-only)


View and edit email communication options for creative status [DSP]

Change Password

View and edit password

My Organization (Main Menu icon)



View index (filter and search)


Display and specify DSP daily spend maximum

(Only enabled for select users)

Contact platform.support@basis.net for access information.


View index (filter and search)

Service Providers

View index (filter and search)

Domain Lists

View and download domain lists information

Directory Search - Property page

View (filter and search) properties index, details, and filter information

View property details

Directory Search - Vendor page

View (filter and search) vendor index and filter information

View Vendor details and tabs

Properties tab

View (filter and search) properties index

Deals tab

View My Deals and Platform Deals index

Contact tab

View (filter and search) contacts and field information

Suggest contacts to account team members

Terms & Conditions tab

View field information and download full terms and conditions

Payee tab

View required or optional IO and default payee information


View shared information about the organization

Directory Search - Private Marketplace

View (filter and search) index of deals

Directory Search - RTB Inventory

View and download domain lists information

Help icon

View Help, Submit an Issue, and About

Notifications icon

Notifications page

Activity (organization)

View activity events

Email Messages

Receive private email messages from vendor collaborators and organization account team members

Dashboard (also Basis logo)

View (filter and find) campaign index and status

Edit Notes

Campaign tab (top nav bar)

View Campaign Overview

Media Plan tab

View media plan page with line items

Campaign Overview page

View initiative summary, campaign Details and Activity along with media plans (all)

Download media plan reports

View media plans and status (planning, approved, live, completed) along with revisions and previous approved

View media plan and analytics totals

Change to Analytics


View vendor communication and collaborators [Direct, Search, and Social]

View organization communication and account team members [Direct, Search, and Social]

View RFP, Proposals, and IO Contracts links [Direct, Search, and Social]

View and click Compose button displays message field.

Send/post messages and attachments to vendor recipients [Direct, Search, and Social]

Send/post messages to account team members and other organization contacts (buyer only)

Add and remove vendor collaborators [Direct, Search, and Social]


Media Plan page - Overview (planning)

View settings button:

Sort (off)

Focus (off)

Actions button:

View Approvals panel

Create Download Media Plan reports

Show options:

Ad Serving





View shared organization information about the media plan line items

Direct, Search, and Social

Line Item Media Plan page - Overview (planning) - Line Items

Enables Controls: View Proposals

View media plan line items and values, add-ons, RFPs, and proposal updates

View Approvals panel (read-only information)

View IO summary

Download Terms & Conditions from IO summary


Line Item Media Plan page - Overview (planning) - Line Items

View media plan line items and values

View assigned creatives to tactics and groups along with the details

View settings button

Show Offline

Show Archived

DSP Actions button:

View Pixels, Domain Lists, and Creative information

Analytics - Campaign page

View campaign and status (planning, approved, live, completed)

View Gross or Net mode values (campaign media plan and totals

View and edit Date Range

View settings button:

Sort (off)

Focus (off)

Additional Metrics

Show: Completed (#), or Upcoming (#)

View Direct line items

View Search line items

View Social line items

View DSP line items

View DSP Optimize line items

View DSP Optimize: Refresh and Done

View Options Menu: Optimize Performance...

View settings button

Show: Offline, Archived, Completed (#), or Upcoming (#)


View Add-ons line items


View shared organization information about the media plan line items

Analytics - Direct, Search, Social, or DSP - Line Items

Select line items and ad size details (Read-only)

View History for adjustments under Options Menu