Setting Up Creative Status Notifications

You can receive notifications about your ad's quality review status. Basis checks ad quality status every two hours and sends an email notification if there are any changes during that time. You will only receive alerts for ads that are not archived, and only if you are on the campaign account team for the brands that the ads belong to.

There are two of ad quality review processes: internal Basis review and external Google/AppNexus review. By default, you will receive notifications when your creative's status changes to on hold or rejected for both internal and external review. If your creative was rejected, the email will include the reason, such as a broken landing page or SSL compliance issues.

To set up creative status notifications:

On the Notifications tab of My Settings, select the creative status updates you want to receive.

You can receive an email when an ad's status changes to on hold or rejected or eligible for both internal and external reviews. Select one or both of the options for Basis review and Google/AppNexus review.

Click Save to update your profile with the new notification settings.