Cookieless Conversions

Cookieless conversions allow Basis to track click-through conversions (CTC) in a privacy-safe way, even in browsers like Safari and Firefox that don't support third-party cookies.

Cookieless conversions work together with information from the Basis cookie, when available, to reliably measure CTC in all browsers and apps. Use this feature to increase your coverage of conversions and improve your ability to measure CTCs.

You don't need to use multiple types of pixels to track cookieless conversions—a single Universal Pixel that's enabled for cookieless conversion attribution covers both standard conversions and cookieless conversions.

If you're using ads hosted by Basis and your webpages include universal pixels, cookieless conversion works automatically. All new ads that you upload and new universal pixels that you create in Basis have cookieless conversion attribution enabled by default, so you don't have to worry about measuring conversions and can move forward with your campaigns.

You need to enable this feature manually for previously uploaded creatives and pixels. See Using Cookieless Conversions to learn more, including how to enable it, how it works, and how to address certain use cases that may require special attention.


Cookieless conversion attribution does not use personal data. The only stored information is a list of click IDs and the timestamps of those clicks.

If third-party cookies are permitted, our user ID cookie is set or read as usual, and you may have privacy obligations associated with that. Additionally, EU regulations may require user consent before storing any information on their device, even if it's not a user ID. Consult your legal counsel regarding any obligations you may have for compliance with privacy laws or regulations.