Linking Creatives to a Tactic

You can create a tactic without linking any creatives, but a tactic must have at least one linked creative before it can bid on impressions.

A creative can be linked to any number of tactics, and a tactic can have multiple linked creatives. You can also link and unlink creatives at any time after the tactic is saved.

See Creative (Tactic Editor) for more information on linking creatives to a tactic from the Tactic Editor.

To link creatives to tactics on the Creative panel:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.

  2. Select your campaign, then select the media plan that contains the tactics that you want to link creatives to.

  3. Select DSP Actions > Creative.

  4. Select the tactics that you want to map creatives to.

  5. On the Creative panel, select the creatives that you want to map to the selected tactics.

    The maximum number of creatives that appear on this panel is 10,000. If the brand contains more than 10,000 ads, filter the ads or use the search bar to narrow down the list.

  6. Select Map Selected.

  7. Click Close [] . The linked creatives appear under the tactics.

To check which tactics are linked to a creative:

  • Select a creative, then select the Linked tactics tab. This tab contains a list of tactics that are currently linked to the creative, sorted by line item.