Conversion Report

Conversion reports provide data about conversion events, including revenue and associated transaction IDs. Use this report to:

  1. Analyze the performance of various conversion pixels by brand, group, campaign, ad, conversion event, and transaction ID to make group and campaign optimization decisions.

  2. Assess sales funnel performance.

  3. Review conversions by timestamp to reconcile data with third-party tools such as ad servers.

Transaction IDs are the codes that you associate with pixels for tracking and reporting purposes. For more information, see Tracking Transaction IDs for Conversion Pixels and Passing Data Objects in the Universal Pixel Script article.

Conversion reports produce data for each conversion event that you are tracking with a conversion pixel (one row per conversion).

The DSP counts a conversion every time the pixel script loads. This may result in counting more than one conversion for the same transaction ID. For example, if a customer refreshes a "thank you" page, we will count two conversions for a single transaction. Make sure that you set up your deduplication settings appropriately.

Report Options

Review the following sections to learn more about available options for this report type.


  • Conversion > All

Group By

These options define how report data is scoped.

  • Brand

  • Group

  • Tactic


  • Lifetime

Data Through

  • 400 days maximum


  • Conversions can be included in this report.

Report Data

Review the following table to see a breakdown of the dimensions and metrics available in this report.

Column Name Example Description
Conversion Event ID 5eac0c8420197eda02860002 The identification number for the conversion event.
Brand ID 51544 The brand ID.
Brand Name SuperCool Scooters The name of the brand.
Group ID 40535 The group ID.
Group Name SuperCool Scooters SummerBlast 2016 The name of the group.
Campaign ID 300833 The campaign ID.
Campaign Name SuperCool Scooters SummerBlast 2016 - Audience Parents The name of the campaign.
Start Date 2/1/2019

The date that the campaign begins.

DSP Reports are in Eastern time.

End Date 2/28/2019

The date that the campaign ends.

DSP Reports are in Eastern time.

Ad ID 271855 The ad ID.
Ad Label SCScooters_SummerBlast_300x250 The name of the ad.
Exchange ID 16683426 The exchange ID.
Exchange Name Rubicon The name of the exchange.
Domain/App ID 94929291 The domain or app ID.
Domain/App Name The name of the domain or app.
Conversion ID SCScootersBlastParentsAudience The user-defined offer ID.
Conversion Name "Thank you" page The user-generated name for the conversion pixel.
Primary Yes Defines whether this is a primary conversion or not.
Conversion Event Type VTC The type of conversion (view-through, click-through, or companion)
Customer Transaction ID ABCD1234 The user-defined transaction ID.
Conversion Attribution Source Cookie-based conversion

The method and source for attribution the conversion, available from August 20th, 2020.

  • Cookie-based Conversion

  • Cookie or Mobile Advertising ID Conversion

  • Cross Device Conversion

  • Cookieless Conversion

  • Postback Conversion

  • No Conversion Attribution Source (for conversions prior to August 20th, 2020)

Attributed Event Date/Time 2019-12-31 12:59:59

The time of the event that the conversion was attributed to.

DSP Reports are in Eastern time.

Conversion Date/Time 2019-12-31 12:59:59

The time of the conversion.

DSP Reports are in Eastern time.

Conversion Revenue $10.21 The revenue associated with conversions

Sample Report

Download an sample Conversion report (XLSX).