Foursquare lets you target audiences based on people’s real-world behavior. Use Foursquare’s self-service Audience Designer to create your own highly-customized audiences based on mobile user behavior. In a Foursquare custom audience, you can:

  • Target place-based behavior, including visitation to specific places, merchants, and chains.

  • Specify desired frequency or recency of place visitation.

  • Narrow the audience to users who visited locations at specific times or days.

  • Narrow the audience with user demographics.

Access Foursquare's Audience Designer directly in Basis. When Basis receives the audience (usually within 24 hours), it's available for tactics in the DSP as a third-party audience. Anybody on your team can target custom Foursquare audiences.

Foursquare's Proximity segment designer isn't available in Basis. To add Proximity segments, you must create an account and log in to Foursquare. See Foursquare Proximity.

To create an audience:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Inventory Directory.

  2. Select DSP Data.

  3. Select the Foursquare logo.

  4. Select Create new to open the Audience Designer.

    The audience designer page with the fields described below
  5. Enter a Design Name. This name is only visible to you for reference in your Foursquare account.

  6. Enter a Targeting Code. This is the name of the audience in Basis DSP and is visible to team members.

  7. Select the Behaviors, Geography, and Demographics that you want to include in this audience. When you add an attribute, it appears in the list on the right. By default, the audience includes users who meet all of the attributes (logical AND). To change this, drag one attribute onto another. This will build an audience with users who meet either attribute (logical OR).

  8. The Audience Estimate shows how many people are in your audience. Select Enable Reach Multiplier to increase the scale by adding similar devices, based on the selected audience.

  9. To save your design as a draft, select Save, then select Close [] to return to the DSP.

  10. To create the audience, select Build, then select Activate to submit the design details to Foursquare. Foursquare compiles the audience and sends the data to Basis. This can take up to 24 hours. When the audience is available, its status appears as Built on the DSP's list of Foursquare audiences.