Foursquare Proximity

Foursquare's Proximity designer allows you to create contextual segments based on users' real-time behaviors and locations. See Contextual Targeting (Tactic Editor) to learn more.

Creating Proximity Segments

The Proximity designer isn't available in Basis. You must create a Foursquare account to create Proximity segments. If you don't want to create an account, your CSM can create a segment on your behalf.

To create proximity segments:

  1. Send an email to to request a Foursquare account.

  2. Log in to Foursquare Proximity.

  3. Create a segment and deploy it. Make sure to include your advertiser ID (found by selecting the question mark in the top navigation bar in Basis) in the segment name so that it can be associated with your Basis account (for example, "10123-newsegment").

    The Basis Help menu with DSP Advertiser ID highlighted

  4. When Foursquare sends details about the segment to Basis, we make it available in the DSP. This can take up to 24 hours.