Setting Up Vendor Terms & Conditions

You must have Payment Terms permissions to set Terms & Conditions for vendors.

You can select the Terms & Conditions you want to use as the default for a vendor. Future IOs that you create for this vendor will reflect the new default terms, and they will receive a notification about the change.

To set up vendor Terms & Conditions:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Inventory Directory.

  2. Select the Vendor tab.

  3. Select a vendor.

  4. Select the Terms & Conditions tab.

  5. Terms & Conditions tab on the vendor page

  6. In the Active column on the left, select the Terms & Conditions you want to set as the default for this vendor. To review the Terms & Conditions, click Download. If the contract you want to select is not available, create a new contract:

    1. Click Create Terms & Conditions.

    2. Enter a Name for the new terms.

    3. Upload the Terms & Conditions.

    4. If you want to set these terms as the new default for this vendor, select Make active.

    5. Select the Payment Terms and Out Clause.

    6. Provide any additional notes as Addenda.

    7. Click Save to create new Terms & Conditions.

  7. Click Close [] to return to the Inventory Directory.