User Permissions

User permissions types control what you can do in Basis. An organization manages user permissions at an individual user level. To view your permissions, access User Settings.

Different permissions give you access to different features. At least one member of your organization has User Management permission to control user access. This team member turns permission types on and off for other team members. Permissions are configured under the Users tab in My Organization.

Permission Types

Base access (all permissions deselected) provides a user with read-only access to most of Basis. You can view the My Organization and User Settings pages, along with the communications, directory, initiative, campaign, and media plan information in Basis. Additional actions such as sending messages, adding account team members, creating comments on line items, receiving private emails, and editing notes are also available.

Ad Serving

Ad Serving permissions allow you to manage accounts in the Ad Server Accounts tab, apply ad serving rates, and export to the ad server.

Analytics Reporting

With Analytics Reporting permissions, you can create campaign delivery and performance reports and send vendor performance alerts. See Campaign Reports for more information. If you do not have Analytics Reporting permissions, you can still view campaign information in the Analytics tab but you cannot create reports.

Asset Management

With Asset Management permissions, you can configure private marketplace deals, creatives, domain lists, and pixels


Billing permissions allow you to access the Billing and Settings tabs in My Organization.

On the Billing tab you can generate and download accounts receivable and accounts payable reports for client orders and vendor billing reports. Advantage users can view and manage Advantage account credentials and ad serving codes. Strata users can view and edit ad server IDs for Strata.

On the Settings tab, you can view your DSP account balance, enable the account balance icon in the top navigation, and manage account balance notifications.

Client Approvals and Vendor IOs

Client Approvals and Vendor IOs permissions allow you to manage media plan approvals and IO acceptance.


If you have Collaboration permissions, you can send comments to account team members on media plans and line items.

Delivery Source Management

With Delivery Source Management permissions, you have full access to third-party mapping. In campaign Analytics, you can manage delivery and track conversions.

Users with this permission can:

DSP Execution

With DSP Execution permissions, you can configure DSP line item groups and tactics. This permission also lets you apply targeting, private marketplace deals, creatives, pixels, and domain lists to tactics. In Analytics, you must have DSP Execution permissions to optimize groups and tactics.

Organization Management

If you have Organization Management permissions, you see additional tabs and configurations in My Organization. You have the ability to edit organization and billing information, margin and markup options, media plan approval options, client and brand management options, and vender terms and conditions management options.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms permissions allow you to configure vendor Terms & Conditions and manage Payee information and also allows you to manage items on the Service Providers and Terms & Conditions tabs in My Organization.


If you have Planning permissions enabled, you can manage campaign details.

This permission allows you to:

User Management

User Management permissions let you assign, create, and edit account team member profiles. On the Users tab in My Organization, you invite, deactivate, or reactivate contacts along with assigning permissions.

You can manage campaign restrictions without User Management permissions by limiting which team members can see campaigns for a client with the User Access field on the Clients/Brands tab.

Vendor Management

If you have Vendor Management permissions, you can configure vendor information in the Directory. You can also manage Advantage and Strata IDs for ad servers on the Billing tab.