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Place Exchange is the leading SSP for programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media. Integrated with omnichannel and OOH DSPs, Place Exchange’s patented technology uniquely offers agencies and advertisers the opportunity to fully unify the buying and measurement of OOH media with other digital channels, leveraging the same workflow, creatives, reporting, and attribution as for online and mobile advertising.

All of Place Exchange’s supply partners adhere to its Place Exchange Clear certification program that delivers buyers quality, consistency, transparency, and compliance. For a full list of Place Exchange partners, visit Place Exchange Markets and Partners. Place Exchange is uniquely positioned as the only agnostic and independent OOH SSP, which allows them to also bring unmatched quality, and transparency to the programmatic OOH ecosystem.

At a Glance

Top Geos Traffic Types Formats

US - 98%

CA - 1%

Other - 1%


Display - 54%

Video - 46%

For the most up-to-date information on avails and specific inventory, go to the Inventory Directory in Basis.


Media Owner Domain list

Media Kits and Inventory Guides

Place Exchange Media Kit

Place Exchange Inventory Guide USA

Place Exchange Inventory Guide EMEA

Place Exchange Inventory Guide Canada

Place Exchange Inventory Guide LATAM

Request for Proposal

To ensure the optimal solution for you, we encourage all clients to utilize our Planning Tool before requesting a custom proposal.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in the media kits or inventory guides, please to submit an RFP to and provide the following details:

  • Budget

  • Flight dates / length

  • Inventory preferences

  • Display or Video creative type

  • Audience / screen targeting requirements

Expect a turnaround of 2-3 business days. Exceptions can be made based on urgency.

How to Buy

Platform Deals

Most of Place Exchange's inventory is available through package deals that are available in the DSP's private marketplace.

Dayparting and geotargeting (including hyperlocal) can be used. To target media owners, use domain lists—download the Media Owner Domain List to find domains form media owners, and review Creating Digital Out-of-Home Campaigns to learn more about targeting options for DOOH.

Private Deals

Negotiate deals through Place Exchange or directly with the media owner. It's helpful to provide the following details:

  • Advertiser or brand

  • Targeting parameters (DMA, ZIPs, audience, POI radius, and so on)

  • Flight dates

  • Budget

  • Venue types

  • Creative requirements

    • Display, Video, or both

Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

To set up programmatic guaranteed deals, email basis-planning@placeexchange with the above details for a private deal.

Place Exchange works with the publishers to reserve the inventory given the campaign parameters and set up the PG deal.

Deal Targeting Options

Deal targeting options include the following:

  • Location Examples:

    • Lat/Long coordinates

    • Points of Interest (POI)

    • Business locations

    • Custom geofences

    • Zip codes

    • Cities / DMAs

  • Context Examples:

    • Business districts

    • Nightlife districts

    • Retail venues

    • Sporting venues

    • Transit stations

  • Audience Examples:

    • Website visitors

    • Current customers

    • Demographic segments

    • Psychographic segments

    • Behavioral segments

Creative Requirements

You don't have to manually submit creatives to Place Exchange for approval—creatives are submitted automatically when the campaign starts to bid. Due to the creative review process, there's a delay between when the campaign flight starts and when it starts to win impressions. This delay ranges from a few hours to a day.

Third party ad tags are now supported from the following ad servers:

  • Arrivalist

  • CM 360 by Google

  • Flashtalking

  • Innovid

  • Kantar

  • Lucid

  • MFour

  • MOAT by Oracle

  • Mira

  • NinthDecimal by InMarket

  • Placed by Foursquare

  • Veridooh

Exchange Provided Documentation

Place Exchange Overview

OOH Creative Best Practices Guide

Place Exchange Measurement