Creating Digital Out-of-Home Campaigns

To target digital out-of-home (DOOH) media, create a DSP line item that has DOOH formats. Then, create groups and tactics to target DOOH inventory.

After creating a DOOH campaign, review its performance in Analytics and reports. Most report types included data about screen IDs, and venues reports provide more insights into DOOH campaigns. See Digital Out-of-Home Venue Reports to learn more

Creating DOOH Line Items

To start building a DOOH campaign, add a DSP line item that has DOOH formats to the media plan .

Adding Groups to DOOH Line Items

Groups for DOOH line items are the same as groups for any other DSP line item. See Creating Groups to learn how to add new groups to line items.

Adding DOOH Tactics

To create DOOH tactics, the line item needs to have a DOOH format and include at least one group.

Setting Up DOOH Tactics

DOOH tactics target DOOH inventory and devices by default, so you don't need to manually configure inventory and device targeting. Due to the nature of DOOH media, tactics for DOOH line items have different targeting options than standard DSP tactics, such as venue, media owner, and screen ID targeting.

Review the following sections to find out more about DOOH tactic options.

As you set up DOOH tactics, review the projected spend, available impressions, and bid guidance. See Tactic Forecasting and Bid Guidance for more information.