Deactivating Service Providers

Note: You must have Payment Terms permissions to deactivate providers.

When you deactivate a service provider, it no longer appears on the Add-Ons panel on the Media Plan page or on the Tactic Editor. If there is a campaign that uses that provider, it still appears in the media plan, but there is a warning icon [] to indicate that the provider is no longer active.

Note: You can remove specific add-ons from a service provider without deactivating it. Select the service provider to view its details and add-ons, then click Delete [] next to an add-on to remove it.

To deactivate a service provider:

  1. Go to Main menuMy Organization.

  2. Select the Service Providers tab.

  3. Select a service provider that you want to deactivate to open its details.

  4. Click Deactivate at the bottom of the modal.

  5. On the confirmation modal, click Deactivate.

To view deactivated providers:

  • Filter the Service Providers list by setting the Status to Inactive.