Users Overview

The Users tab provides profile information for the contact's organization. Basis stores the information in a directory. The Users tab displays a searchable index by name, email address, and status. 

My Organization - Users Index

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The User status options include Active, Pending, Inactive, or Canceled. When a status is pending, a button appears when an invite is sent to the contact.  The drop menu from the Pending button provides the option to resend or cancel the invite.  (An initial invite is sent to the contact upon account creation.)




All users in Basis


Users with access to Basis


Invited users to Basis


Deactivated users (No longer access to Basis)

Canceled Canceled user invite (User invite link no longer available.)

An inactive user no longer has access to Basis. The inactive users information remains stored in Basis. The Contact and Employee Information along with the Permissions are read-only. You are unable to select an inactive user as a contact associated to a client, proposal, message, or third party account. A deactivated user appears inactive as a campaign account member or collaborator. The deactivated user and the credentials are also invalid with third party accounts.

A reactivated user has access to Basis via an email. The email includes a link to the account creation page with the existing contact information. You have access to the historic campaign information from your previous active status.

User Management permissions let you assign, create, and edit account team member profiles.

Under the Users tab under My Organization, you invite and deactivate/reactivate contacts along with assigning permissions.

You can manage campaign restrictions without User Management permissions. You can limit which team members can see campaigns for a client with the User Access field on the Clients/Brands tab.

The contact with the User Management permissions selects a User. The profile information appears. The User fields include the following: 

User Status

  • Active - Date
  • Inactive - Date
  • Actions button
  • Resend/cancel invite
  • Resend invite/Remove user
  • Deactivate/Reactivate

Contact Information

  • Name
  • First*
  • Last*
  • Email*
  • Phone
  • Extension

Employee Details

  • Region
  • Divisions
  • Location
  • Sales role visible status (check box)


The User Management permission assigns the buyer's access type. A contact's access ranges from enabling none to all of the permission management types. When a contact's access types are disabled, Basis allows read-only access along with specified actions such as sending messages, adding account users, and editing notes. The enabled management types allow the contact access to implement actions throughout the Platform.

Users - Edit User Profile

New User Profile

Note: As a buyer, you are unable to modify your unique email address. Contact Basis or submit an issue for more information.