The Users tab displays a searchable index of users by name, email address, and status.

On this page, select New User to create a new user or select a user from the index to open their user details. An initial invite is sent to the contact upon account creation.

When a status is pending, a button appears and provides the option to resend or cancel the invite.  A reactivated user receives an email to access Basis and will have access to historic campaign information.

My Organization - Users Tab

Users tab on My Organization
Status Description
Active Users with access to Basis
Pending Invited users to Basis
Inactive Users who no longer have access to Basis
Canceled Canceled user invite

If you have User Management permissions, you can create or edit users. While editing a user, you can edit account details, assign user permissions, and deactivate or reactivate users. See User Permissions for more details about each permission type.

As a buyer, you are unable to modify a user's unique email address. Contact Basis or submit an issue for more information.

New User Profile

New User page with Name, Email, Phone, Extension, Region, Division, and Location fields