Ad Serving

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A buyer with enabled Ad Serving permissions manages accounts, applies rates, and exports to the ad server. You perform the ad serving under the Actions button for the media plan line items with this permission. The Export to under the Actions button is also enabled. The User Settings displays the Ad Server Accounts tab allows viewing, creating, and editing the account profiles.

Ad Serving Permissions Actions

User Settings (Main Menu icon)

View, create, edit, and remove Ad Server Accounts

Media plan page Overview

Enables Ad Serving link

Actions button:

Enables Ad Serving

Enables Export To ad server menu

Manage Ad Serving panel

(Ad Serving link)

Apply ad serving rates to line items

View, create, edit, and remove Ad Server Accounts

View, create, edit, and Ad Server Accounts and tag types

Export to <Ad Server> page

(Actions: Export To button/drop menu)

Select ad server type

Export media plan placements to the ad server

A contact with inactive permissions views the ad serving information under the User Settings and media plan page. You have read-only access to the rate and calculations associated to ad server costs in a media plan.

When a contact has an existing ad server account and no longer has Ad Serving permissions, the account is saved. The contact reconnects the account when the user has the permission.