Asset Management

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With Asset Management permissions, you can configure private marketplace deals, creatives, pixels, and domain lists. 

The buttons appear in planning for DSP line items. You can find Domain Lists in the main menu. Private Marketplace and DSP Data are in the Inventory Directory and available in the media plan page.

Asset Management Permissions Actions
Domain Lists (Main Menu and Directory icon)

View, create, and edit domain lists

Private Marketplace (Directory icon)

View, create, and edit new My Deals

View Curated Deals details

DSP Data (Directory icon)

View DSP partners

For example, Factual

Media Plan page (Overview)

Create and update Pixels, Domain Lists, and Creatives from the Actions button.

Enables DSP Actions button: (Create and update)


My Audience Pixel- Create and edit Notes

Domain Lists


Inactive Asset Management Permissions

A contact with base permissions only can view the domain lists, existing line items, groups, and tactic information in the media plan.