Organization Management

Related topics: User-Permissions

If you have Organization Management permissions enabled, you see additional tabs and configurations in My Organization. Within the tabs, you also have the ability to perform My Organization actions.

When a contact does not have User Access under the Client/Brand tab, the user with Organization Management permissions has read-only information for the campaign restrictions.

Organization Management Permissions Actions

My Organization (Main Menu icon)

Enables campaign Settings tab

Profile tab

Edit Organization and Billing Information

Settings tab

Enables the Margin or Markup options

Enables the Media Plan Approval options

Clients/Brands tab

Create and edit client/brand information

Download client reports

Terms and Conditions tab

View, create, and edit buyer and vendor specific Terms & Conditions

Inactive Organization Management Permissions

If your Organization Management permissions are inactive, you see the Users, Clients/Brands, and Service Providers tabs on the My Organization screen. You view a user index by name, email, and status. You also view an index by client and brand name along with vertical types.