User Management

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User Management permissions let you assign, create, and edit account team member profiles.

Under the Users tab under My Organization, you invite and deactivate/reactivate contacts along with assigning permissions.

You can manage campaign restrictions without User Management permissions. You can limit which team members can see campaigns for a client with the User Access field on the Clients/Brands tab.

User Management Permissions Actions

User Settings

Edit your own Employee Details and Permissions

My Organization (Main Menu icon)


Users tab

Create, invite, and edit the organization User Status, Contact Information, Employee Details, and assign Permissions of the users

Deactivate/reactivate contact under User Status

Clients/Brands tab Manage campaign restrictions under User Access

User Management Permissions - User and My Organization Tab

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Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:2b:8hxsgzb94h550dm_1_lr5srw9d23q5:T:SetUp_AgencySet_Cmpgn.png

User Management Permissions - Clients/Brands Tab: Client - User Access Example

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Inactive User Management Permissions

If your User Management permissions are inactive, you can view the Users, Clients/Brands, Advantage, and Service Providers tabs under the My Organization .

You can only view the information on the Profile tab under User Settings.

You also view your own permissions under your name under My Organization.