Using Line Item Comments

Comments let members of your buyer team communicate about and assign actions for line items in your media plans. You can add comments in Planning or the Analytics tab.

Only members of your organization can see line item comments. Vendors cannot see them.

Adding Comments

To add comments:

  1. Go to Main Menu [] > Line Items.

  2. Select a line item. The Media Plan page appears.

  3. Click the Comment icon below the line item description:

    Example line item with the Comment icon highlighted.

  4. Enter your comment.

  5. Click Post to make it available to your colleagues.

  6. Enter @(username) to assign the comment to a recipient.

    Line item comment box with a person tagged and a sample message drafted.

Reading Comments

To read comments:

  1. Select a line item.

  2. Click the blue Comment icon next to a line item's name to see active comments and replies for that line item.

You can also click the Comments icon in the upper-right corner of the media plan page to see comments for all line items in the media plan. See Comments Panel for more.

Replying to Comments

To reply to a comment:

  1. Click Reply on an existing comment to add information to the thread.

  2. Enter your reply.

  3. Click Post.

    Thread of line item comments with the reply box at the bottom of the thread highlighted.

Resolving Comments

To resolve a comment:

  1. Click the check mark in the upper-right corner to resolve the comment and archive it. After a comment has been resolved, it's no longer available on the line item. You can view Resolved comments in the Resolved tab.

  2. Example comment witht he Resolve button highlighted.
Line Item Comments Actions Description
Comments icon

Communicate with campaign account team members including specified user by line item

Grey icon - No or resolved comments on a line item

Blue icon - Open or unresolved comments on a line item

Reply Respond to existing text and post

Enter text in the field

Add mentions to specific user by @username

Provide formatting in the text

Resolve icon Complete the action on the comment.