Campaign Messages

Use Messages to communicate with team members and vendors within Basis. The message center works as a single location for communication between the buyer organization and vendors. It is available in the upper-right corner of the campaign Overview tab and in media plans.

If you have unread messages, you'll see a number next to this button that indicates how many messages there are. The message center displays a list of vendors and account team contacts associated with the campaign.

Note: Sending an RFP to a vendor contact initiates communication in the message center.

You can send messages to vendors or members of your own organization. Account team members will see any messages sent to vendors.

The tab with your organization's name allows account team members to send messages to other contacts at their organization. Select from a list of contacts with user access (account team members and other users in your organization added to the campaign messages) and send the message to those contacts. The vendor does not see messages sent from your organization's tab.

The message center includes these available options. Basis also auto-saves the in-process recipient and text when you exit the message center. The in-process message is available when you return to it.

Note: Your in-process message is not saved when you refresh the browser, exit the campaign, or the session times out.

Message Center Information


Vendor Collaborators


Communicate with contacts

Add available vendor contacts

Hover over the contact and the phone number appears

Click the name to launch the Contact information

Compose button launches message field.

Organization contacts

Communicate only with campaign account team members and contacts in your organization

Posting a message

Send message to enabled contact(s) including an attachment by clicking Post

A copy of the message is sent as private email message by clicking Email to...and selecting the contact(s).

The Email to... selection under the Vendors tab includes vendor contacts associated with negotiations and the buyer account team members.

The Email to... selection on your organization's tab only includes your account team members and contacts with user access

Message communication thread Read and review message history and attachments received or sent.
Hover and click Reply to send a response message to the users currently on the thread
Hover and click Archive to move messages and attachments out of the message thread into the Archived Messages section.
Attach files

Add supported files to the message by drag and drop or browse to a directory

View and select attachment history displayed by most recent time and date and user name


Edit a message's content, including attachments. Recipients will receive an email notification.

Not available for RFPs or IOs.

Download icon Select all attachments to save.
Message icon

Open/Collapse communication thread

Lists number of new messages

Resize and Collapse message icons

Change the view by clicking and moving the Resize icon to view more or less of the message.

Click the Collapse (X) icon to close the message

Restore archived messages Select a message in the Archived Messages section and click Unarchive to restore the message and its attachments.

Attachments within the Basis message center include creative tags. The creative files do not appear in the private email messages.

Note: For supporting attachments, Basis allows various file types including text, Microsoft Office, Adobe, and graphics extensions. The maximum file size is 100MB. When you attempt to attach an unsupported file type, an error message appears. Basis recommends creating a ZIP or PDF file when your attachment is an unsupported format type.