Google Ads Keyword Performance Report

This report only supports Google Ads search campaign data and is only available if Google Ads campaigns are mapped to line items in Basis.

Keyword performance reports provide information about delivery for specific keywords, helping you gather search data and discover the best ways to reach your target audience. Identify high-performing keywords to create custom contextual audience segments and improve the performance of DSP campaigns, and stop using low-quality keywords to make the campaign more efficient and effective.

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Report Options



Data Through

The maximum date range is 365 days.

Data is aggregated based on the selected date range. To see data by day, week, or month, create separate reports.

Keyword performance report data is retrieved at approximately 7:00 AM CT, and it can take up to an hour to fully retrieve all search data. If you need a keyword performance report that includes the most current data, we recommend waiting until 8:00 AM CT to generate it.

Report Data

Values are in net. Report data comes directly from Google ads—selected delivery source metrics, tracked conversions, and margins are not included.

Column Name




The Basis line item's vendor.

Google - Services


The Basis line item's property.

Google - Services

Line Item

The name of the Basis line item.

Non-branded Keywords, CA, Calls

Line Item ID

The Basis line item’s identification number.


Google Ads Campaign ID

The identification number of the Google Ads campaign.


Google Ads Campaign Name

The name of the Google Ads campaign.


Ad Group ID

The Google Ads ad group identification number.


Ad Group

The name of the Google Ads ad group.

Footwear - Phrase

Keyword ID

The identification number of the keyword.



The word or phrase chosen to match ads to the terms that people search for.

men’s basketball sneakers

Match Type

The keyword match type (broad match, phrase match, or exact match)

Phrase match

Quality Score

Google’s rating of the keyword’s quality and relevance. Higher is better.



Number of times the ad was shown on a search result page or other site on the Google Network.



Number of clicks recorded for ads matched to the keyword.



Cost per click. The average amount spent when a user clicks an ad.



Clickthrough rate. A percentage indicating how often people click an ad after seeing it.


Net Spend

Net amount spent to display ads for this keyword



Number of primary conversions, excluding view-through conversions and cross-device conversions, as determined by Google Ads.



Cost per action. The average dollar amount to receive a user action that is defined as a conversion, such as a purchase or signup.


Conversion Rate

How often an interaction leads to a conversion. This data is based on what Google Ads is tracking as a conversion.


Conversion Value

The total value of the conversions being tracked in Google Ads. Different types of conversions can have different values, which are defined by the advertiser.


All Conversions

The total number of conversions including secondary actions and viewthrough conversions, cross-device conversions, and more.


All Conversions Value

The total value assigned to all of the conversions that Google Ads tracks.



Return on Ad Spend.

ROAS = Conversion Value / Spend


Impression Share (IS)

The percentage of received impressions. Eligible impressions are an estimate based on targeting settings, approval statuses, and ad quality.

Impression Share = Impressions / Total Eligibile Impressions


Search Exact Match

The impression share for search terms that matched the keywords exactly or were very close variants. Unavailable for Shopping campaigns.

Search Exact Match IS = Received Impressions / Number of Eligible Exact Match Impressions


Search (Abs. Top) IS

Search absolute top impression share. The number of impressions that appeared in the as the most prominent ad in the first spot above the search results. There is only one absolute top impression per auction.

Search (Abs. Top) IS = impressions on absolute top / eligible absolute top impressions


Search Rank Lost IS

How often the ad didn’t appear due to low ranking.