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Basis provides aggregated performance reporting of your campaigns. To access all of your reports, open the main menu and select Reports.To view a specific campaign's reports, open the campaign and click Reports in the top-right corner.

From the Reports window, you can:

Note: Blank cells in your report indicate that the data is missing or not applicable.

Types of Reports

Campaign reports provide delivery and performance information at the campaign level. DSP reports provide more granular data at the line item level.

Campaign Reports

DSP Reports

In a DSP campaign, the buyer invoices the client based on the rate type in planning. The seller (vendor) invoices by the dynamic rate. With a CPC rate type, the Performance Report (gross) displays the applicable contracted and billable clicks. (E.g. for the client) The DSP Performance Report (net) displays a dynamic CPM. (E.g. for the vendor). The contracted and billable clicks are not visible in the net report.