Ad Serving Overview

Ad servers manage your creative files and track the delivery and performance of your ads. When you export a line item to an ad server, the ad server receives the campaign and line item information as placements.

Integrated Ad Server: Campaign Manager 360 

Basis automatically integrates with Campaign Manager 360 using a two-way API connection to send placements from Basis to your Campaign Manager 360 account and receive delivery data from Campaign Manager 360.

To be able to export to Campaign Manager 360, you must have your account set up on the Ad Server Account tab in My settings.

Integrated Ad Serving Workflow

Ad serving workflow. Create a campaign, create a media plan, create line items, manage ad serving, then export to ad server. This step has two options, view approved media plan with exported line items or login to existing/connected ad server account and modify ad server campaign configuration. These two items both point to send tags, creatives, and/or tracking pixels to vendor via Messages, then live campaign, and finally view performance in campaign analytics.

For example, if you export to Campaign Manager 360, Basis creates the placements in Campaign Manager 360, and as the campaign runs, Basis automatically receives delivery data from Campaign Manager 360.

Basis line item to campaign manager 360 workflow. Basis line item on one side with tags and data delivery items, and campaign manager 360 on the other with placements and metrics items. An export arrow points from tags to placements and a daily import arrow from metrics to data delivery.

When you export the line item to a selected ad server, the ad server receives the campaign and line item information as placements. The names you choose for your campaigns, line items, and ad server placements are used to create the campaign, package, and placement names in Campaign Manager 360.

Basis Campaign Manager 360
Basis Campaign ID + Basis Campaign Name Campaign Manager 360 Campaign Name
(example: ABC123: 2020 Awareness)
Basis Line Item Name Campaign Manager 360 Package
Basis Ad Server Placements Campaign Manager 360 Placements

When the campaign is active, you can see the delivery data received from the ad server in the Analytics tab.

See Ad Serving with Campaign Manager 360 Quick Reference Guide to get started with Campaign Manager 360.

Other Providers

You can also use other ad servers with Basis by creating placements manually in the other systems and importing delivery data to Basis using .csv files.

See Ad Serving with Non-Integrated Ad Servers to get started.

Basis also integrates with popular search and social media providers (Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn). See Search and Social Media: Quick Reference.