Using Non-Integrated Ad Servers: Quick Reference

Ad servers manage your creative files and track the delivery and performance of your ads. This article outlines the key steps for working with ad servers other than Campaign Manager 360, which follow a different, integrated process.

To use non-integrated ad servers with Basis, you create placements manually in your ad server and import delivery data to Basis using .csv files.

To use non-integrated ad servers:

  1. In Basis, plan your campaigns and line items.

    1. Go to Main Menu [] > Campaigns.
    2. Select a campaign.
    3. Select a media plan.
    4. Add at least one new direct or DSP line item for each third-party ad server you plan to use.
  2. In your ad server, create placements. Follow your ad server's documentation to manually create your placements needed for the line items in your Basis campaigns.

  3. Receive the delivery data.

    1. In Basis, import delivery data using files generated by your ad server.
    2. In your ad server, export the data as a .csv file (see Delivery Source Fields Table for requirements).
    3. In Basis, upload the CSV in the Delivery tab.