Basis Assistant

Basis Assistant simplifies logging for your media planning tasks across your entire advertising toolchain.

As a browser extension, Basis Assistant lets you record campaign changes from any digital advertising platform you are working on and tie those notes back to a Basis campaign.

How it Works

Once you install the Chrome extension and choose which sources have permission to use it, Basis Assistant appears at the bottom of the screen when you visit those sources. Expand Basis Assistant to make notes without switching to a different tab or window. Later, you can export these notes to share with colleagues or clients.

Basis Assistant lets you add notes to any campaigns you can see in Basis. Your team members who have access to campaigns that you create can also add notes to those campaigns.

Basis Assistant notes become part of the campaign's Updates feed, which you can see on the Campaigns page:

Each update includes a link to the location where the note was added. For example, if you click the LinkedIn Campaign Manager link for a note, the link takes you to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager page.

Note: You must have access to the third-party tool to follow an Updates feed link to it. For example, if another team member is the only person with a login for the LinkedIn Campaign Manager account, and you follow the link on their note, LinkedIn Campaign Manager shows a note saying you've made an unauthorized request.

Adding Notes

Add notes while you're in any of the sources you've selected. Your note is assigned to the Basis campaign you've selected and automatically captures the source name, your Basis user name, and the date and time.

After selecting a campaign, just type your note text and click Add:

Exporting Optimization Reports

To share your notes outside of Basis Assistant, export an optimization report.

The CSV format report includes all notes for the selected campaign, with this information for each note:

  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign ID
  • Created At
  • Author Name
  • Author Email
  • Source
  • Page Title
  • Note Text
  • Location