Creating a New Campaign

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You can create a new campaign from scratch from the Campaign overview page or the top navigation menu, or use an existing campaign as a template.

Creating a New Campaign

To create a new campaign:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Campaigns.

  2. Select Create campaign > Create campaign.

  3. Note: Click [+] on the top navigation menu to create a campaign at any time.

  4. Enter general information on the Details tab:

    1. Enter a Campaign Name.
    2. Optional: Enter a Campaign ID for the campaign (max 255 characters, cannot include a colon (:) or forward slash (/)).
    3. Strata users only: Enter the Strata Estimate ID.
    4. Advantage Users only: Select the assigned Advantage code in the Division, Product, Campaign, and Sales Class fields.
    5. Select a Client.
    6. Select a Brand.
    7. Enter a Target Budget.
    8. Select the Start Date and End Date for your campaign.
    9. Select an Initiative.
    10. Optional: Provide Notes for other users when they view your campaign.
  5. Click Next to open the Objectives tab.

    1. Select an Objective, such as Reach, and a KPI, such as CPM.
    2. Enter a Goal, such as $5.25, for the KPI.
  6. Click Next to open the Account Team tab. The Selected tab opens by default with your name selected.

    • To include additional team members on your campaign, select the All tab, then select individual team members. You can also select the checkbox next to Name to select or unselect all team members.

  7. Click Create to save your new campaign.

The new campaign appears on the Campaign Overview page.

Using an Existing Campaign's Settings as a Template

You can use an existing campaign as a template for a new one. This option copies the campaign name, budget, start and end dates, objectives, and account team. The new campaign's media plan includes the original vendors, properties, contacts, line items, add-ons, and notes, but excludes proposals and messages. You can only select from a list of approved plans, and you can only select one media plan. If your campaign includes DSP line items, you can choose to include group and tactic-level details in the new campaign.

Note: Check the vendor details (contacts, terms and conditions, payee, and notes) when you create from an existing campaign. The default settings from the original campaign may require updates.

To create a new campaign from an existing one:

  1. Select Create campaign > Create campaign from existing.

  2. Select a campaign you want to use as a template. Use the Search box to find a specific campaign by name, ID, client, or brand. After selecting a campaign, you see a list of approved media plans.

  3. Click [+] to select the media plans you want to include in the new campaign.

    1. If the media plans include DSP line items, select Include DSP groups and tactics with optimization rules to include groups and tactics. If you select this option, the campaign must use the same brand as the original media plans.
  4. Click Next to open the campaign editor. Modify the campaign's information using the Details, Objectives, and Account Team tabs as required.

    Note: If you included DSP groups and tactics, you won't be able to edit the client and brand.

  5. Click Create to save your new campaign. If you're including groups and tactics, you see a summary modal of the groups and tactics that successfully copied. Click Done to return to the Campaign Overview page.