Campaign Summary

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A campaign captures the details of an advertising project. Creating a campaign introduces the name, client, brand, budget, target duration and objectives. The media plan includes a collection of DSP, Direct, Search, and Social line items to reach the marketing objectives and goals. Basis tracks the line item delivery and performance that assists with completing a successful campaign.

Campaign Workflow

The campaign starts with planning through an accepted contract and runs live until the end date. The live campaign provides the accepted goals along with the monitoring of performance, delivery, efficiency, and budget. When the campaign starts, you continue to revise the media plan and adjust the delivery data. The billing reports are also available throughout the campaign.

Campaign Ad Servers

Basis integrates with ad servers providing data and reports.  The reports include performance metrics along with net and gross plan downloads. The continuous monitoring ensures the awareness of the brand’s objectives and goals throughout the campaign. You review the live details in analytics.

You view a summary of a media plan on your Campaign Overview.

Campaign Overview Example

The Details tab on the campaign overview launches the campaign specifics. A campaign includes the following framework along with the Account Team members: