Private Marketplace

The private marketplace (PMP) gives you greater access to inventory from premium publishers. PMP deals let you bid on impressions that might not yet be available in open bidding, and can give you access to exclusive, less competitive auctions. Some PMP deals may provide specialized targeting that is not available otherwise (for example, targeting users interested in wedding recipes or the next Olympics).

Curated Deals

Curated deals are available to all DSP users. They can be used in your tactics right away—no extra negotiation is needed. Basis' DSP team has negotiated these deals on behalf of all DSP users. See Curated Deals for details.

My Deals

If you've negotiated your own private marketplace deals with a publisher or an exchange, you enter these deals into the DSP and manage them through My Deals.

Deal Groups

Deal groups are collections of related deals across many different publishers. See Deal Groups for more information.


If you're negotiating deals with publishers that sell inventory on Google, they will send you a proposal. Find your proposals in the Private Marketplace, and accept them to add the deal to My Deals. See Proposals (Google) for more information.

Using PMP Deals in Tactics

Select the deals to target with your tactics on the Private Marketplace tab.