Vistar is a digital out-of-home (DOOH) exchange with access to many premium media owners. Access to most inventory is available through the DSP's private marketplace, though some is restricted to private deals.

At a Glance

Top Geos Traffic Types Formats

US - 92%

CA - 6%

AU - 1%

Other - 1%


Display - 85%

Video - 15%

For the most up-to-date information on avails and specific inventory, go to the Inventory Directory in Basis.


Vistar makes the following tools available to help identify and select inventory to target:

PMP-Only Media Owners

The following publishers make their inventory available through private deals only:

  • Ocean Outdoor (UK)

  • Eye Airports (UK)

  • Branded Cities (US)

  • Clear Channel (US - Airports & Times Square)

  • Pursuant Health Office Buildings

  • JCDecaux/VIOOH

  • oRB Digital (Ireland)

  • TopGolf (UK & AUS)

  • Taiv (Canada)

  • Octopus (Canada)

  • Moving Media

How to Buy

The DSP offers curated deals available in the Private Marketplace. Alternatively, you can negotiate custom deals.

Curated Deals

Most of Vistar's inventory is available through package deals that are available in the DSP's private marketplace. See Finding Deals for more information.

These are second price auctions with no spend minimum.

You can use dayparting and geotargeting (including hyperlocal) in campaigns that use these deals. To target media owners, use domain lists--download the Media Owner Domain List to find domains for media owners, and review Creating Digital Out-of-Home Campaigns to learn more about targeting options for DOOH.

Private Deals

Negotiate deals through Vistar or directly with the media owner. Go to Vistar’s Media Owner Information Dashboard to browse their inventory and find media owner contact information. After successfully negotiating, the media owner provides a deal that you can add to Basis. See Adding New Deals to learn how to create a custom deal in Basis.

The minimum campaign budget for working with Vistar's deal desk is $15,000 USD, regardless of flight duration. Some publishers are only available through the private marketplace, most notably Clear Channel airports and Times Square, and may maintain their own spend minimums.

Information Required to Set Up a Deal

When reaching out to Vistar or media owners directly, it's helpful to provide the following details:

  • Advertiser/Brand

  • Targeting parameters (DMA, ZIP Codes, Audience, Point of Interest radius, and so on)

  • Flight dates

  • Budget

  • Venue types

  • Creative Requirements

After setting up the deal, Vistar recommends asking the media owner for a deal summary. This serves two purposes:

  • You can see whether the deal is set up correctly and venues and daily impressions are being shown.

  • It shows the exact creative specifications that you will need to use for those deals.

Vistar Deal Desk

If you can’t find the answer to a campaign-specific inventory question using the Vistar Avails Dashboard, reach out to Vistar’s Deal Desk for a custom media plan according to your brief. Depending on the request, Vistar may direct you to the appropriate media owner to provide details. Current turnaround time for media plans is two business days.

Vistar's deal desk may be reached at

Creative Requirements

For complete details about creative requirements, see Vistar's Creative Specs Worksheet.

You don't have to manually submit creatives to Vistar for approval—the creative will be submitted automatically when the campaign starts to bid. Due to the creative review process, there will be a delay between when the campaign flight starts and when it starts to win impressions. This delay ranges from a few hours to a day.


  • A creative that is approved by a media owner must fit the height and width parameters to qualify for delivery.

  • It’s recommended that buyers provide JPEG files for any images.

  • Vistar supports third-party ad tags from ad servers such as Flashtalking, DCM, and Sizmek.


  • Videos may be DSP-hosted video files or third-party VAST.

    • If third-party VAST, it must be InLine VAST (no wrappers)

  • Completion rate is automatically assigned to 100%. Quartiles are ignored.

File Types

  • Vistar does not accept HTML5 creatives.

  • Vistar requires all images to be hosted by the DSP (uploaded as image ads).

Creative Examples

See Vistar's Creative Examples by Vertical.