Line Item Framework

A line item describes the essential digital ad information. The client or brand defines the ad goals based on objectives and KPIs. The line item also specifies the brand’s goals and budget. Basis supports real-time bidding (RTB) and the direct negotiation process between buyers and vendors including the communication and capturing the following line item information:

Campaign Page - Line Item Examples

Screenshot of a sample direct line item with the location of the media plan name and version, media plan status, vendor and property details, control options, line item description, line item details, add-ons, and campaign and media plan total costs highlighted.

The ad options create line items. The ad and line item details integrate with the campaign brands, targets, vendors, and rate. The format and platforms support digital ads as inventory (units) changes across the vendors. With multiple vendors, the targeting options also changes.

Targeting places the ads to reach audiences based on demographics. The vendors review the available inventory and adapt based on format, ad size, and platform. The multiple ad options increase the available inventory for the same or multiple brands. These flexible options improve the optimization of the brand’s advertising goals.

The special characters <, >, and " are unavailable as part of the line item name and description. This prevents issues with potential third party service errors.

Media Plan Index

The overview of a sample media plan showing the live campaign's status and delivery metrics.

Line Item - Vendor and Property Example

Example direct line item with vendor and property details highlighted.

The Edit mode launches a new line item. The Options [] menu provides Add line item selection. The Option Menu also supports Copy All, Copy, Duplicate, and Delete functions.

Line Item - Details Example

New line item with the format field in the details section selected, showing the display, video, audio, text, and interstitial options.

Line Item - Dates Example

New line item with the start date field in the dates section selected, showing the calendar date selector.

Line Item - Units Example

New line item with the rate type field in the units secteion selected, showing a selection of the rate type options

Media Plan - Line Item Fields

Example direct line item with units, rates, and costs sections highlighted.